Every one has something they want to gain from a theatre group, we understand that there are many elements to the arts that you may want to study and take advantage of, so we ensure to include as many techniques as possible every session! 

Although group work is a crucial part of theatre, the most important  element  is you.

Our aim is to run a performance every quarter, however if you feel you're not ready to get involved, that's absolutely not a problem, only when you feel ready!


Our reason for choosing age inclusivity is simple - in all walks of film and theatre, you have to work with people of all ages, yet so many organisations and groups don't prepare you for this. We want to be different and create a universal arts community for everyone to join in with. 

This is your journey, we're just here to ensure you enjoy it!

Great bunch of people...felt part of the group as soon as we went along to our first session. Ross doesn't dictate but let's you find your own way but is always on hand to help and advise.  I am thoroughly enjoying my time at ACT and recommend it to anyone - Karen

Being part of ACT has done wonders for my confidence and through it I have met some wonderful people. Ross is a wonderful teacher and it is such a friendly and enjoyable environment. - James 

Theatre Class Prices

First trial session - Free of charge, no commitment required. 

Adults (18+) - £45 per 4 weeks.

Kids (8-17) - £35 per 4 weeks.

Payments to be made by first session of payment period via BACS transfer or cash payment in session. 

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