Animal Therapy


Lots of businesses have office 'pets', these usually take the form of a goldfish or a cute pup! However here at ACT, we like to be a little different, so meet Khaleesi and Draco, our two Bearded Dragons! However these two don't just sit around all day catching flies (or any creepy crawly!) they get involved in many of the sessions but also visit local nurseries and retirement homes to spend time with others and bring lots of smiles to peoples faces! 

Khaleesi is 3 and a half years old. For those of you that are Game of Thrones fans, you'll recognise the name, as she's named after the Mother of Dragons. Khaleesi is very calm and chilled at all times but loves a cuddle and stroke! 

Draco is 3 years old. He was taken in from a background of neglect, so we've had to work really hard to encourage his trust in humans again! He's very loving and despite what many think, not named after Draco Malfoy!

Want to arrange a visit from Khaleesi and Draco? No problem!
Just pop us a message and we'll get in touch as soon as possible! 

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